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Lights, Cameras, Crime

1932. With his partners-in-crime Jack and Frances off on their honeymoon, retired Vaudeville artist Uncle Sal intends to relive his glory days in London. As a man of many talents, it doesn’t take long until his old friend Molly Sweet secures him a small part in one of the new talking picture studios in London.

With his inimitable flair, he soon finds himself at home in front of the cameras, and backstage as well. But there are villains at play whose roles weren’t in the script, and Molly and her daughter need Uncle Sal’s help. A starring role as a sleuth is nothing new for him, but this time he has to go undercover in a boarding house without the help of Jack and Frances. Can he solve the case of the Christmas angel before his friends’ lives are shattered, or will his adventure in the movie world turn into a tragedy?

Released on 01 November 2021.

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