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Top 50 Roadmap Jumpstart

Endless Night

Scientists in Antarctica unwittingly bring primordial bacteria hidden in the ice-core back to life which makes them sick and triggers an evacuation - until their DNA changes and turns them violent. The leader must decide between sacrificing their lives or risk all of humanity.

Finalist Emerging Screenwriters

Facing Evil

What if you could never forget a single face? A cold case hitting close to home spurs a reclusive psychology professor and super-recognizer into action. When the police decline her offer of help, she creates her own team of specially gifted people to hunt for criminals and find missing people.

Finding Johnny

An emotionally shut-off computer scientist creates a hologram version of her dead father who left when she was a baby, to get answers to lifelong questions and move on from the past


When a confirmed singleton looks for a date to please her seriously ill mother, the last thing she expects to find is love

Picture Perfect

When two 50-year-old roommates and best friends, a reckless art broker and an overprotective research librarian, lose their jobs and face eviction, they come up with a plan to use their special skills to steal a million-dollar painting from a museum.

Top 50 Roadmap Top Tier

The Star

A provincial girl comes to Berlin to discover herself in the free-wheeling hedonistic queer scene of the late 1920s and early 1930s, but the rise of the Nazis threatens the freedom of queers to live and love who they want and ultimately destroys everything she holds dear.

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