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Love can be the death of you ...

American Eve Holdsworth is living her quintessential English dream in a picturesque village in the countryside. Meeting an attractive stranger adds to the appeal.

But Ben Dryden is a pariah in Eve’s new neighbourhood, since his wife was murdered five 
years ago, and he was the only suspect. Eve, who is absolutely sure someone as charming as Ben could never be a killer, is determined to solve the case and clear Ben’s name, even if it’s against his will. 

Soon enough Eve finds herself in deep waters, and with her life at stake, she can only pray that her romantic notions won’t be the end of her.

Winner of a Chill With A Book award.

What readers say: 

"Wildly entertaining and sure to appeal to lovers of both cosy crime and romance." Fiona Leitch, bestselling author of the Jodie Parker mysteries


"I read this in less than 24 hours. It's one of those books I anted to finish to find out what happened but also didn't want it to finish as I didn't want it to be over." Goodreads reviewer


"Terrific characters and a thoughtful, twisty plot that kept me turning the pages." Sandy Barker, bestselling  romance author  


"The perfect winding, cozy, fast-paced mystery read I was looking for right now." Cover2CoverBlog

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