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The unmissable sequel to The Case of the Missing Bride!

1862. A group of brides from Australia have arrived in British Columbia, and love is in the air - until their new-found happiness in the prospectors’ town “Run’s End” is shattered when the hotel-owner is murdered. To make matters worse, something is wrong with the stored gold at the hotel, and an epidemic makes it impossible for anyone to leave town. The brides set all their hopes on their friend Alyssa Chalmers to find the murderer and restore peace in their new home. But the killer is cunning, and desperate…


“Packed full of character, intrigue and great historical insight. I look forward to reading more of Alyssa Chalmers mysteries soon!”

“A mystery in a fantastic setting - the Canadian gold rush! It’s a fast, easy and really fun read, and I didn’t guess ‘whodunnit’!”

“The characters are delightful, the description and setting draws you in and the mystery is well thought out and delivered. I really hope the author makes these books into a series.”

“Plenty of red herrings and intriguing characters, perfect for anyone who loves a cosy mystery. I can’t wait to see where Alyssa’s story goes and read more of her adventures.”

“A fabulous follow on from The Missing Bride - if you loved the first, do not hesitate to get this ever so well conceived sequel! If you haven’t read the first - what are you waiting for?
I think I loved this one even more than the first instalment and devoured it it in one sitting.”

Available now on Amazon and various ebook stores!

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