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The Case of the Missing Bride 

Australia, 1862. Twenty-two impoverished brides leave for Canada. During the sea voyage, beautiful Emma goes missing in rough weather. People think it was an accident. Only Emma's friend Alyssa suspects murder, and she puts her own life at risk to unmask the villain.

Glittering Death

1862. A group of brides from Australia have arrived in British Columbia, and love is in the air - until their new-found happiness in the prospectors’ town “Run’s End” is shattered when the hotel-owner is murdered. To make matters worse, something is wrong with the stored gold at the hotel, and an epidemic makes it impossible for anyone to leave town... 

A Matter of Love and Death

Australia, 1931. At the height of the Great Depression, switchboard operator Frances Palmer overhears a murderous plot. But telling anyone would jeopardise her job and affect her whole family.

She finds unexpected aid in the form of nightclub owner and occasional lawbreaker Jack Sullivan. Soon, Frances runs the risk of losing her heart as well as her life...

Murder at the Races

Frances Palmer is overjoyed when her brother Rob returns to Adelaide as a racecourse veterinarian. However, when a man is murdered with Rob as the only suspect, she and her boyfriend Jack Sullivan, along with Uncle Sal and their friends, must infiltrate the racecourse and discover who the real killer is. With time running out for Rob, the race is on...

Murder Makes Waves

The third instalment in the Jack and Frances mysteries, coming November 5th! 

It’s a dream come true for Frances Palmer: A voyage from Australia to England on the “Empress of the Sea”, together with her fiancé Jack Sullivan and her Uncle Sal, aka “Salvatore the Magnificent”. They’ve been hired to entertain the passengers with magic tricks and daring stunts.

But all is not well below deck, and they soon find themselves in stormy seas, together with newfound allies. When a passenger is found dead after a costume ball and one of Frances’s new friends is accused of murder, they decide to secretly dive into the case.

Nothing is plain sailing, though, against a cunning murderer. Will Jack and Frances and their friends get to the bottom of the truth, or will they sink in the sea of deception?


False Play at the Christmas Party

Jack returns in this short story! December, 1928. Jack Sullivan plans a charity party in his new night club in aid of his fellow war veterans to celebrate his arrival in Adelaide. But some party guests have plans of their own how to benefit...

Kiwi & Co.

My first published German book!

Neuseeland für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene - the true and humorous story of Carmen's life in sunny New Zealand. Featuring recipes, as well as tales of family life, earthquakes and Christmas on the beach, there is something for everyone.

Let Sleeping Murder Lie 

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