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1862-a group of young Australian women set sail for matrimony in Canada. Their presence is withheld from the male passengers and all but a select few members of the crew. But their worlds collide when one of the gentlemen stumbles across the women. When one of the intended brides goes missing, only Alyssa Chalmers, the one educated, wealthy woman in the group, is convinced the disappearance is no accident. She sets out to find out what happened.

Alyssa is willing to move heaven and earth to find out the truth. She is about to discover that there is more to her voyage into the unknown than she bargained for...


"A brilliantly engaging novel, with a depth of detail. I am actually staggered how easily transported I was into the era, as if it had been written in Victorian times. The author must have done an incredible amount of research. Great characters and a mystery that kept you guessing until the reveal. I highly recommend this book."

"It is not another historical romance novel. It is gritty and detailed. You can smell the sea salt and the fumes of the engine. Gradual evolution of the whodunnit without being obvious or drowning in red herrings. Interesting characters. An enjoyable read. Recommended."

"I couldn't stop reading this story once I'd started. Easy to follow, keeping secrets that only become clear towards the end, this is a murder mystery with touches of romance. A whodunnit that keeps you guessing, as all good ones do."

Available now on Amazon and various ebook stores!

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